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How does it work?

BTOCNET operates in an environment that involves multiplying the efforts of all member offices of the network for better service delivery to the end client.

With a business model based on network marketing, we guarantee the rapid integration of your office in the market, through a proven concept, with proven track record and the provision of a turnkey business, at zero cost, whether you are at an early stage of your journey, or your goal is to grow your current office, or even to pass your business.

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We know that...

What are the advantages of the BTOCNET network?

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João Coelho

BTOCNET Telheiras

New income tools

Access to community to answer questions in 5m

Technology to save (at least) 4h a day

Sharing clients and resources

Digital archiving and document management tools

Quality Certification (ISO 9001) and in Information Security (ISO 27001)

Access to simulators and tools

Ongoing training and information

Customer interaction portal

What do network member offices say?

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